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Erzo technology is my web application development business website. Here, I have used a clean, high performance Vuejs and Tailwind CSS stack. There is high attention to detail, specifically in the smart phone device graphic (see the dynamic clock).

Erzo tech specialises in custom AI solutions. Integrating OpenAI’s GPT API to create interactive and intelligent products. We have customisable, pre-built solutions as well as completely custom web applications.

FSQ Excellence

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This is a headless WordPress website project. The front-end is built using Vuejs which pulls post content from WordPress CMS as a back-end, via the WP API. I have designed and built a beautiful interface using VueJS and Tailwind CSS. We publish monthly articles via the WordPress admin and send out newsletters using MailChimp.

FSQ Excellence is a major player in the South African food safety industry. FSQ Excellence can be an invaluable asset on the road to certification to a certified food safety standard, as well as providing training and ongoing guidance and support, and offering cost-effective methods for achieving food safety compliance.

Multi Grid Africa

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A static HTML website making use of animated SVG icons in the navigation. This site has an unusually dynamic design and looks great on all device sizes. This site serves as a sales brochure for the MultiGrid product. Multigrid® is an engineered, high strength network of interconnected cells that stabilizes soils and increases the bearing capacity of soils through the process of soil confinement.